Jackie Moon Goes Pro as Newest Member of the Golden State Warriors

Jackie Moon and Steph Curry

As the Warriors took the court, the last man out of the tunnel was a little chubbier and a lot hairier than the rest.

The Warriors are known for their pregame warm ups — think Steph Curry's tunnel shots, Klay Thompson entering the building in full Moon homage — and tonight, their warmup included none other than Tropics owner/coach/power forward Jackie Moon himself.

Moon did not disappoint. He put on a free-throw clinic, D’d up Thompson and made a shot from the logo.

On his way out of the building, Moon stopped by to warn the refs about the raccoons. One ref hit Ferrell, er, Moon with a line straight out of the movie: “I went to the bank to cash the check…” Ferrell didn’t miss a beat, responding, “Well, you went to the wrong bank.”

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